Our Raw Vietnamese Hair bundles are one of a kind. 100% unprocessed, raw hair sourced directly from Vietnam by  one donor resulting in minimum shedding and tangling. Our Raw Vietnamese hair is thicker and more coarse than our Virgin hair and will blend flawlessly with most natural hair textures. This texture can be straightened and holds curls well. Please be advised that each raw hair bundle will vary in characteristics (color, texture, pattern, etc). No two bundles of hair will be exactly alike. 

  • Approx. 100 grams per bundle
  • Natural color of bundles ranges from #4-#1B
  • Can last for 3+ years with proper maintenance 
  • Raw hair has not been processed in any way
  • Double drawn and double weft
  • Slightly coarse yet silky texture that blends seamlessly with textured hair
  • Recommended to wash and condition before installing
  • Number of bundles recommended for a full look:
    12" - 16" (2-3 bundles) 
    18" - 20" (3-4 bundle)
    22" - 26" (3-5 bundles)